Call for Proposals for the 2018 UW MEM·C Materials Research Seed Grants


Proposals are solicited for Seed funding offered by the University of Washington Molecular Engineering Materials Center (UW MEM·C), an NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC).

We are pleased to announce a call for proposals for 2018 UW MEM·C Materials Research Seed Grants, open to all members of the UW materials research community. “MEM-Seed” grants are intended to provide short-term funding to help initiate exciting collaborative materials research projects on campus, with the longer-term goal of supporting new research directions that will expand MEM·C’s research activities beyond their existing scope, and that will position UW well for securing future federal block-funding in materials research, particularly in future NSF MRSEC competitions.

Two categories of MEM·C Seed funding are offered:

  • Multidisciplinary Team Seed Grants will provide up to $75,000 per award to support collaborative research teams. These seeds require one PI and one Co-PI, and may have additional unfunded collaborators. The goals of these seeds are to support multidisciplinary materials research teams (2 to ca. 4 faculty members) active in areas complementary to MEM·C’s current research profile and to broaden MEM·C participation across campus. Multidisciplinary Team Seed funding is for one year with the possibility of extension for one additional year through the following year’s open competition. Target start date is June 18, 2018.
  • Exploratory Seed Grants will provide up to $20,000 per award to help nascent innovative materials research efforts obtain preliminary results and increase their competitiveness for additional funding. Exploratory Seeds require just one PI but may have additional Co-PIs or unfunded collaborators. Exploratory Seed funding is limited to one year, but successful Exploratory Seeds will be eligible to apply for Multidisciplinary Team Seed support in next year’s open competition. Target start date is June 18, 2018.

How To Apply


An applicant may serve as Principal Investigator (PI) on only one proposal in response to this call. The PI must hold a faculty-level appointment at UW. All proposed research must be clearly distinct from ongoing externally funded research. Current MEM·C senior investigators may not receive Seed funds but can participate in the proposed work as unfunded collaborators.

Proposal Submission

Proposals are due by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, May 23, 2018. Proposals should be submitted by email as a single (one file) attachment in PDF format to with a file name and email subject line of “MEM-Seed: PI NAME”. Any submission that does not meet the deadline cannot be considered.

Download MEM-Seed call_2018 full description