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MEM-C is growing and supporting ties with industry and national laboratories through a suite of center-level initiatives. Through these activities, the Center aims to: (i) streamline the exchange of ideas, personnel, and technical capabilities; (ii) accelerate the translation of new materials, technologies, and expertise; (iii) promote opportunities for research collaborations and trainee placement; (iv) prepare MEM-C trainees to meet the full array of 21st-century industry and societal needs.

MEM-C is proud to continue its activities advancing quantum information science (QIS) research and education initiatives at UW (QuantumX) and in the Pacific Northwest (Northwest Quantum Nexus, NQN), and advanced materials research more generally in partnership with Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (NW IMPACT), helping to prepare a skilled quantum-ready workforce to meet the needs of these “industries of the future”. Other activities include leading professional-development and industry-outreach activities, hosting open houses, organizing/hosting industry-sponsored seminars and information sessions, and coordinating an industry “Leadership Seminar” series.

MEM-C has diverse, dynamic, and committed industry and national laboratory representatives on its External Advisory Board, and numerous MEM-C research groups have strong pairwise ties with industry partners. MEM-C organizes a biennial regional conference (Nanocrystals Northwest) that brings together representatives from regional industry, national laboratories, and universities/colleges engaged in nanoscience research and education to build a cohesive regional network for exchanging ideas and personnel.

These activities help inform MEM-C trainees about industry needs, opportunities, and potential career paths, while simultaneously helping MEM-C to better assist its trainees as they prepare to meet broad 21st-century challenges in science, technology, education, policy, and beyond.

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