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MEM·C Undergraduate Research Assistance

Program Description

MEM·C recognizes the value of embedding undergrads in labs to continue their research during the academic year or summer following their initial summer ALVA research award. This program provides partial support for up to 3 exceptional students who are working in MEM·C laboratories. The following are the program guidelines.

  1. Students must be full time UW students who have participated in the MEMC ALVA program.
  2. The sponsoring lab must contribute ½ of the wages- a 1:1 match
  3. Students are expected to work 12 hours a week at $16 an hour, up to $1800 a quarter. Summer positions are negotiated individually.
  4. Students may receive up to 3 quarters of support, they do not have to be consecutive quarters
  5. Students apply through the MEM·C website, they submit a letter of support from their prospective lab PI, a transcript, a description of the nature of the research and the value to personal career goals, and indicate which quarters they would like to be funded.
  6. Students must submit a quarterly report for their support that consists of one slide explaining the project and progress for the quarter and contains 1 or more images of a key result (could be a plot, photo of sample, instrument they build etc.) and one new photo of the student working in the lab, plus a list of any presentations made or papers co-authored by the student


The primary selection occurs in after the early fall deadline of Oct 15th. If there are still unfilled positions applications will continue to be accepted on an ongoing basis.



Use the online form to submit your CV, transcript, and research project description and a brief explanation of how this fits with your career goals. The site will automatically contact your lab advisor for a letter of reference.

Click here to access the Undergraduate Research Assistance application. (Note: This link will take you to an external site.)