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Summer Research Experience for Undergrads

The University of Washington Molecular Engineering Materials Center (UW MEM·C) summer REU program is focused on exposing underrepresented minorities and veterans to a viable and relevant career pathway focused on materials and energy research.

Our Focus: Materials Resilience and Innovation

Undergraduates, including veterans, will find that the research topics are both challenging and relevant to their experience. How can we provide mobile, lightweight, and inexpensive energy sources to our forces and to the communities they work with? How can materials research lead to new electronics that are super miniaturized, low energy consumption, and reliable? How can new kinds of sensors be used to improve safety, efficiency, and effectiveness?

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Program Details

If selected you will be embedded in one of the MEM·C labs for 9 weeks.  You will work with a graduate student and faculty to develop a research project, gain training in relevant techniques and instrumentation, collect data, and finally produce a poster and research abstract. Students participate in a weekly seminar on undergraduate research covering research ethics, writing a research abstract, making a scientific poster. Students participate in a weekly Materials Science special interest group in which they read scientific journals or tour other labs.

Application Details

The program is designed to open doors for those who would like to explore new career options. A solid math and science high school preparation will be sufficient. Work-based experience will also be factored in. Open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are 18 years of age or older. See the list of possible research labs.

Application requirements:

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