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Applications and references must be submitted by February 12, 2021.

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    Professional References

    Please provide the name and email address for two references. We will contact your references for their recommendations.

    Personal Statement

    Provide a personal statement explaining your preparation for this experience and its relevance to your career goals. Include your top 3 picks of MEM-C research labs. (250 words max)

    Supporting Materials

    Please attach a single PDF including your CV listing publications, presentations, awards, and participation in education and broader community activities. Students must also include a copy of their unofficial transcript. Include your lastname in the title "yourlastname_cv.pdf" (PDF only; 2MB limit)

    Review for Submission

    Please review all of the application fields carefully to ensure that all provided information is correct before clicking submit.

    Upon submission of this form, your references will be contacted and asked to send confidential letters to our online form by February 12, 2021. We highly recommend that you confirm with your references that they received the reference invitation from The recommendation letters must be received for the application to be considered complete.

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