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Glovebox-Integrated Bruker Edge Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

The Bruker Dimension Edge AFM measures nanometer-scale microscopy by rastering (over a surface of interest) a sharp probe, the z-position of which is controlled in a closed-loop feedback on a measure of the atomic forces on the probe by the surface. These forces are strongly dependent on the probe-surface distance, and so the z-adjustments required to maintain constant force during rastering are directly related to the topographical and morphological features. This AFM is inside of the 2D materials manipulation glovebox, allowing study of air- and water-sensitive samples prepared inside the glovebox with direct access to additional in-glovebox capabilities, e.g. optical microscopy, and 2D stacking. The Edge has an ergonomic design with facile set-up (sample loading, cantilever mounting and calibration) and scan control.


  • Glovebox integration enables measurement of air and water sensitive samples
  • Dry isolation stage minimizes vibrational noise from glovebox environment
  • Motorized x-y stage with vacuum sample chuck allows easy mounting and access to wafer-scale samples
  • AFM modes available: contact mode, non-contact “tapping” mode, proprietary Peak-Force mode
  • Standard AFM tips available on-site, specialty tips can be purchased by request
  • Piezoelectric Force Microscopy available

NanoES G65B

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