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NanoITC Microcalorimeter

The NanoITC is a state-of-the-art isothermal titration calorimeter (ITC) that is designed to handle large sample volumes while maintaining a small instrument footprint and allows thermodynamic measurements on systems like nanocrystal doping and surface-binding reactions. The ITC can measure reactions in organic solvents as well as under inert atmosphere. The instrument has extremely high sensitivity and can measure heat down to 0.1uJ with minimum noise.  The instrument accommodates a large sample volume of 1.6mL and allows for two different volumes of titrant to be used.

  • Designed to perform high-sensitivity analyses on nanomolar quantities of analytes
  • Accurate and stable temperature control and efficient titrant control
  • Vacuum-tight chamber isolates reaction cells from room temperature fluctuations
  • Integrated, flexible titration assembly ensures quick, easy filling, simple cleaning and accurate titrations

NanoES G65B

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