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K-12 Education & Outreach


Immerse yourself in the tiny world of nanotechnology, the manipulation of materials on the atomic and molecular level with MEM-C’s NanoCamp! Nanotechnology has applications in chemistry, biology, physics, materials science and engineering. NanoCamp investigates the power of nanotechnology by exploring new materials and building models to examine the way matter behaves when it’s 1/1,000th the size of a human hair! For copies of lesson plans and more information on the NanoCamp curriculum, contact MEM-C Education Director, Andrea Carroll.

Lesson goals include:

  • Understanding what the “nanoscale” means and what types of matter exist at the nanoscale level
  • Exploring the electromagnetic spectrum and ways light interacts with matter
  • Learning how light is useful to study nanomaterials
  • Meeting nanomaterial scientists and surveying nanoscience in real life
  • Practicing lab techniques with hands-on demos to understand and characterize unique nanomaterials

NanoCamp at UW Seattle

Summer NanoCamp for incoming sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are held in-person on the UW Seattle campus in partnership with UW Youth and Teen Programs. Information and registration can be found on the UW Youth and Teen Program website.

NanoCamp Outreach to Classrooms and Events

The graduate students participating in MEM-C along with UW STEM Pals are ready to visit your classroom or community event with our NanoCamp curriculum. They can set up a demonstration at a school STEM fair, visit a classroom in a “meet a scientist” discussion, or lead a hands-on lab such as making a solar cell or an optical interference “rainbow” bookmark. If you would like to learn more about MEM-C and our research to see if a visit to your classroom is appropriate, please view our Research pages.