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MEM·C REU Student Included in Newly Published MEM·C Supported Research


Research by one of MEM·C’s summer 2022 REU students, Waseem Shindy (UCLA), has just been accepted by Angewandte ChemieThe research was led by MEM·C Seed faculty Prof. Matthew Golder and MEM·C participating faculty Prof. Lilo Pozzo.

Waseem’s mentor, graduate student Progyateg Chakma, is the paper’s first author! The other authors include Sarah Zeitler (MEM·C 2022 ETF), Fábio Baum (superuser of MEM·C’s SASX), and graduate student researcher Jiatong Yu.

The article, entitled “Mechanoredox Catalysis Enables a Sustainable and Versatile Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization Process”, describes an efficient RAFT process that will “find utility in the sustainable development of materials across the energy, biomedical, and engineering communities.” The research was conducted on the SASX instrument in MEM·C’s shared facilities.