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MEM-C Visit’s UH MRE-C PREM Partners

Our materials science parternship continues to grow with our faculty partners at the University of Hawai’i Manoa. In October, Prof. Lilo Pozzo and graduate student Maria Polti traveled to Honolulu on behalf of MEM-C to work with UH MRE-C faculty member Prof. Joseph Brown and his lab in building a Jubilee tool for continued PREM research. The tool will accelerate the materials research at UH and will be incorporated into an experiment design course for mechanical engineering students. The UH students involved in the project included Cecilia Abella and Garett Costa, both of whom did research with MEM-C at UW last summer as visiting PREM scholars.

Setting up the Jubilee tool in Joseph Brown’s lab at UH Manoa. From left: Cecilia Abella (UH), Maria Polti (UW), Michael Dodge II (UH) Garett Costa (UH).