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MEM·C’s Executive Director of Education and Outreach, Xiaosong Li, Named UW Associate Vice Provost of Research Cyberinfrastructure


Announced last week, our illustrious leader, Prof. Xiaosong Li, has been named the University of Washington’s Associate Vice Provost of Research Cyberinfrastructure. Already in this role, Xiaosong has coordinated with Prof. Andrew Connolly, Associate Vice Provost for Data, on campus wide research cyberinfrastructure projects and proposals. Prof. Li is so excited about this new role and is already brainstorming ways to bring more collaboration and teamwork across the UW landscape.

In a recent vision statement he drafted, he sees the focus of this role is to “address these scientific challenges and to empower researchers to perform scalable, data intensive analysis across disciplinary and institutional boundaries to inform new discoveries. The goal is to identify and remove bottlenecks that are common across the science domains, and to develop a modern data storage cyberinfrastructure (CI) that will scale scientific analyses to thousands of processors and petabytes of data, while maintaining a seamless synchronization with cloud storage.”

Xiaosong is going to bring so much enthusiasm, creativity and wisdom to this role!

Associate Vice Provost for Research Cyberinfrastructure – Xiaosong Li