2019 Awards

Munira Khalil – “Tracking Local Electron Density on the Surface of InP Nanoclusters Using Transient Infrared Spectroscopy” Unfunded collaborator: Brandi Cossairt
Alexandra Velian – “Long-Range Magnetic and Electronic Coupling in Nanosheets Assembled from Chiral Nano-Propellers” Unfunded collaborator: Jiun-Haw Chu

Multidisciplinary Team
Ting Cao and Matthew Yankowitz – “Interfacial engineering with two-dimensional Janus van der Waals materials
Ashleigh Theberge and Cole DeForest – “Spatial Control over Logically Responsive Multi-Material Structures
Lilo Pozzo, Nadya Peek, Matt O’Donnell – “Spatio-Temporally Controlled Sonochemical Synthesis of Semiconductor Nanomaterials”

2018 Awards:

Multidisciplinary Team
Albert Folch, Alshakim Nelson, Cole DeForest – “Digitally-Programmed 3D Printing of Functional Multi-Materials
Lilo Pozzo, Matt O’Donnell – “Growth Mechanisms for Ultrasound and Laser-Induced Synthesis of Nanomaterials
Gerald Seidler, Alexandra Velian – “New Capabilities for Advanced X-ray Spectroscopy of Novel Phosphorous-Rich Materials to Accelerate Materials Discovery
Alexandra Velian, Mo Li – “Synthetic Approaches to Stabilize and Tune the Bandgap of Black Phosphorus for Infrared Applications

2018-2020 iSuperSEED2 team (funded by a supplement award)
David Ginger, Jiangyu Li, Nathan Kutz – “Accelerating Materials Discoveries by Data-Enabled Microscopies and Spectroscopies