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Lucas R. Meza

MEM-SeedMechanical Engineering

Lucas Meza is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Professor Meza’s research investigates the mechanics of architected materials at micro- and nanometer length scales. In this, he studies methods for harnessing the novel properties of nanomaterials in bulk materials. He uses a range of micro- and nanofabrication techniques to create new classes of nanoarchitected materials with unprecedented mechanical properties. These include ceramics that bounce back after compression to over 50% strain and fractal-like architectures that can hierarchically tune mechanical properties at different length scales.

His work often centers around bioinspired materials, especially given that the techniques used by his group can approach and replicate the length scale and complexity of natural materials. He is interested in materials for extreme environments (irradiation, temperature, ballistic impact, etc), designing for electrical and thermal performance to make multifunctional materials, and making biocompatible materials for operation in medical devices.