IRG 1: Defects in Nanostructures

IRG 1 is engineering unprecedented physical properties into inorganic nanostructures by controlling defect formation and doping, and will exploit emergent properties to forge new technological frontiers ranging from laser cooling to solar concentration.



  1. Laser-Driven Growth of Semiconductor Nanowires from Colloidal Nanocrystals

    Elena P. Pandres, Matthew J. Crane, E. James Davis, Peter J. Pauzauskie, and Vincent C. Holmberg
  2. Unraveling Intrinsic Flexoelectricity in Twisted Double Bilayer Graphene

    Li, Y.; Wang, X.; Tang, D.; Wang, X.; Watanabe, K.; Taniguchi, T.; Gamelin, D. R.; Cobden, D. H.; Yankowitz, M.; Xu, X.; Li, J.
  3. Modular Zwitterion-Functionalized Poly(Isopropyl Methacrylate) Polymers for Hosting Luminescent Lead-Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals

    Cohen, T. A.; Huang, Y.; Bricker, N. A.; Juhl, C. S.; Milstein, T. J.; Mackenzie, J. D.; Luscombe, C. K.; Gamelin, D. R.
  4. The impact of 2H9/2 4I13/2 Emission from Er3+ Ions on Ratiometric Optical Temperature Sensing with Yb3+/Er3+ Co-Doped Upconversion Materials

    Xia, X.; Volpi, A.; Roh, J. Y. D.; De Siena, M. C.; Gamelin, D. R.; Hehlen, M.; Pauzauskie, P. J.
  5. Highly Anisotropic Excitons and Multiple Phonon Bound States in a Van der Waals Antiferromagnetic Insulator.

    Kyle Hwangbo, Qi Zhang, Qianni Jiang, Yong Wang, Jordan Fonseca, Chong Wang, Geoffrey M. Diederich, Daniel R. Gamelin, Di Xiao, Jiun-Haw Chu, Wang Yao & Xiaodong Xu
  6. Bismuth-doping Alters Structural Phase Transitions in Methylammonium Lead Tribromide Single Crystals

    Jedlicka E., Wang J., Mutch J., Jung Y., Went P., Mohammed J., Ziffer M., Giridharagopal R., Walsh A., Chu J.-H., Ginger D. S.
  7. Surface Chemistry and Quantum Dot Luminescence: Shell Growth, Atomistic Modification, and Beyond

    Forrest W. Eagle, Nayon Park, Melanie Cash, and Brandi M. Cossairt
  8. Highly Luminescent and Catalytically Active Suprastructures of Magic-sized Semiconductor Nanoclusters

    Woonhyuk Baek, Megalamane S. Bootharaju, Kelly M. Walsh, Sanghwa Lee, Daniel R. Gamelin & Taeghwan Hyeon
  9. Ligand Pyrolysis during Air-Free Inorganic Nanocrystal Synthesis

    Breena M. Sperry and Christine K. Luscombe
  10. Imaging Topological Spin Structures Using Light-Polarization and Magnetic Microscopy

    Till Lenz, Georgios Chatzidrosos, Zhiyuan Wang, Lykourgos Bougas, Yannick Dumeige, Arne Wickenbrock, Nico Kerber, Jakub Zázvorka, Fabian Kammerbauer, Mathias Kläui, Zeeshawn Kazi, Kai-Mei C. Fu, Kohei M. Itoh, Hideyuki Watanabe, and Dmitry Budker
  11. Coherent Spin Precession and Lifetime-Limited Spin Dephasing in CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystals

    Matthew J. Crane, Laura M. Jacoby, Theodore A. Cohen, Yunping Huang, Christine K. Luscombe, and Daniel R. Gamelin
  12. Yb3+ Speciation and Energy-Transfer Dynamics in Quantum-Cutting Yb3+-Doped CsPbCl3 Perovskite Nanocrystals and Single Crystals

    Joo Yeon D. Roh, Matthew D. Smith, Matthew J. Crane, Daniel Biner, Tyler J. Milstein, Karl W. Krämer, Daniel R. Gamelin
  13. Insight into the Spin Properties in Undoped and Mn-Doped CdSe/CdS-Seeded Nanorods by Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance

    Joanna Dehnel, Yahel Barak, Itay Meir, Adam K. Budniak, Anjani P. Nagvenkar, Daniel R. Gamelin, and Efrat Lifshitz
  14. Using Redox Titrations to Probe the Role of Trivalent Impurity Ions in the Ferromagnetism of Colloidal EuS Nanocrystals

    Michael C. De Siena, Alexander G. Rachkov, Rachel Fainblat, Derak James, Sidney E. Creutz, Sarah L. Stoll, and Daniel R. Gamelin
  15. Spectroscopic Signatures of the B and H4 Polyatomic Nitrogen Aggregates in Nanodiamond

    Ryan A. Beck, Lixin Lu, Alessio Petrone, Amanda C. Ong, Peter J. Pauzauskie, and Xiaosong Li
  16. Laser-Driven Growth of Semiconductor Nanowires from Colloidal Nanocrystals via the Young-Laplace Effect

    Elena P. Pandres, Matthew J. Crane, E. James Davis, Peter J. Pauzauskie, Vincent C. Holmberg
  17. Quantum Point Defects for Solid-State Laser Refrigeration

    Xiaojing Xia, Anupum Pant, Abbie S. Ganas, Fedor Jelezko, and Peter J. Pauzauskie
  18. Solid-State Laser Refrigeration at GPa Pressures

    Abbie G. Ganas, Elena A. Dobretsova, Anupum Pant, Baptiste Journaux, Xiaojing Xia, R. Greg Felsted, and Peter J. Pauzauskie
  19. Hydrothermal Synthesis and Solid-State Laser Refrigeration of Ytterbium-Doped Potassium Lutetium Fluoride (KLF) Microcrystals

    Xia, X.; Pant, A.; Zhou, X.; Dobretsova, E. A.; Bard, A. B.; Lim, M. B.; Roh, J. Y. D.; Gamelin, D. R.; Pauzauskie, P. J.
  20. Seeded Growth of Nanoscale Semiconductor Tetrapods: Generality and the Role of Cation Exchange

    Enright M. J., Dou F. Y., Wu S., Rabe E. J., Monahan M., Friedfeld M. R., Schlenker C. W., Cossairt, B. M.
  21. Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Emissive, Surface-Modified, Copper-Doped Indium Phosphide Nanocrystals

    Mundy, M. E.; Eagle, F. W.; Hughes, K. E.; Gamelin, D. R.; Cossairt, B. M.
  22. Giant Band Splittings in EuS and EuSe Magnetic Semiconductor Nanocrystals

    Asuigui, D. R. C.; De Siena, M. C.; Fainblat, R.; James, D.; Gamelin, D. R.; Stoll, S. L.
  23. Measuring Equilibrium Binding at Quantum Dot Surfaces using Cyclic Voltammetry

    Henckel, D. A.; Enright, M. J.; Eslami, N. P.; Kroupa, D. M.; Gamelin, D. R.; Cossairt, B. M.
  24. Window into NV Center Kinetics via Repeated Annealing and Spatial Tracking of Thousands of Individual NV Centers

    Chakravarthi, S.; Moore, C.; Opsvig, A.; Pederson, C.; Hunt, E.; Ivanov, A.; Christen, I.; Dunham, S.; Fu, K.-M.
  25. Directed Exciton Magnetic Polaron Formation in a Single Colloidal Mn2+:CdSe/CdS Quantum Dot

    Lorenz, S.; Erickson, C.; Riesner, M.; Gamelin, D. R.; Fainblat, R.; Bacher, G.
  26. Effects of Zn2+ and Ga3+ on the Quantum Yield of Cluster-Derived InP Quantum Dots

    Friedfeld, M. R.; Stein, J. L.; Johnson, D. A.; Park, N.; Henry, N. A.; Enright, M. J.; Mocatta, D.; Cossairt, B. M.
  27. Effects of Surface Chemistry on the Photophysics of Colloidal InP Nanocrystals

    Hughes, K. E.; Stein, J. L.; Friedfeld, M. R.; Cossairt, B. M.; Gamelin, D. R.
  28. Theobromine and Direct Arylation: A Sustainable and Scalable Solution to Minimize Aggregation Caused Quenching

    Huang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Sommerville, P. J. W.; Kaminsky, W.; Ginger, D. S.; Luscombe, C. K.
  29. Organic Semiconductors at the University of Washington: Advancements in Materials Design and Synthesis and Toward Industrial Scale Production

    Huang, Y.; Elder, D. L.; Kwiram, A. L.; Jenekhe, S. A.; Jen, A. K. Y.; Dalton, L. R.; Luscombe, C. K.
  30. Spinodal Decomposition During Anion Exchange in Colloidal Mn2+-Doped CsPbX3 (X = Cl, Br) Perovskite Nanocrystals

    De Siena, M.C.; Sommer, D. E.; Creutz, S. E.; Dunham, S. T.; Gamelin, D. R.
  31. Structural Diversity in Cesium Bismuth Halide Nanocrystals

    Creutz, S. E.; Liu, H.; Kaiser, M.E.; Li, X.; Gamelin, D. R.
  32. Single-Source Vapor Deposition of Quantum-Cutting Yb3+:CsPb(Cl1−xBrx)3 and Other Complex Metal-Halide Perovskites

    Crane, M. J.; Kroupa, D. M ; Roh, J. Y.; Anderson, R. T.; Smith, M. D.; Gamelin, D. R.
  33. High Pressure, High Temperature Molecular Doping of Nanodiamond

    Crane, M. J.; Petrone, A.; Beck, R. A.; Lim, M.; Zhou, X.; Li, X.; Stroud, R. M.; Pauzauskie, P.
  34. Carboxylate Anchors Act as Exciton Reporters in 1.3 nm Indium Phosphide Nanoclusters

    Leger, J.; Friedfeld, M.; Beck, R.; Gaynor, J.; Petrone, A.; Li, X.; Cossairt, B. M.; Khalil, M.
  35. Quantum-Cutting Yb3+-Doped Perovskite Nanocrystals for Monolithic Bilayer Luminescent Solar Concentrators

    Cohen, T.; Milstein, T. J.; Kroupa, D. M.; Mackenzie, D.; Luscombe, C. K.; Gamelin, D. R.
  36. Anion Exchange and the Quantum-Cutting Energy Threshold in Ytterbium-Doped CsPb(Cl1-xBrx)3 Perovskite Nanocrystals

    Milstein, T. J.; Kluherz, K. T.; Kroupa, D. M.; Erickson, C. S.; De Yoreo, J. J.; Gamelin, D. R.
  37. Review on the Role of Polymers in Luminescent Solar Concentrators

    Li, Y.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Dong, R.; Luscombe, C. K.
  38. Electronic Structures and Spectroscopic Signatures of Silicon-Vacancy Containing Nanodiamonds

    Petrone, A.; Beck, R. A.; Kasper, J. M.; Li, X.; Huang, Y.; Crane, M. J.; Pauzauskie, P. J.
  39. Deterministic Positioning of Colloidal Quantum Dots on Silicon Nitride Nanobeam Cavities

    Chen, Y.; Ryou, A.; Friedfeld, M. R.; Fryett, T.; Whitehead, J.; Cossairt, B. M.; Majumdar, A.
  40. Probing Surface Defects of InP Quantum Dots Using Phosphorus Ka and Kb X-ray Emission Spectroscopy

    Stein, J. L.; Holden, W. M.; Venkatesh, A.; Mundy, M. E.; Rossini, A. J.; Seidler, G. T.; Cossairt, B. M.
  41. Interplay of Mobile Ions and Injected Carriers Creates Recombination Centers in Metal Halide Perovskites Under Bias

    Birkhold, S. T.; Precht, J. T.; Liu, H.; Giridharagopal, R.; Eperon, G. E.; Schmidt-Mende, L.; Li, X.; Ginger D. S.
  42. Soluble Supercapacitors: Charge Storage in Colloidal Iron-Doped ZnO Nanocrystals

    Brozek, C. K.; Zhao, D.; Liu, H.; Li, X.; Kittilstved, K. R.; Gamelin, D. R.
  43. Effect of Surface Passivation on Nanodiamond Crystallinity

    Beck, R. A.; Petrone, A.; Kasper, J. M.; Crane, M. J.; Pauzauskie, P. J.; Li, X.
  44. A Hybrid Quantum-Classical Model of Electrostatics in Multiply Charged Quantum Dots

    Liu H.; Brozek C. K.; Sun, S.; Lingerfelt, D. B.; Gamelin, D. R.; Li, X.