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IRG-1: Spin-Photonic Nanostructures

Creating and studying a portfolio of defect-engineered spin-photonic nanostructures to inform, expand, and inspire future technological capabilities.

Previous IRG-1 Publications

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  1. Ru/MgO catalyst with dual Ru structure sites for efficient CO production from CO2 hydrogenation

    Xie, Shaohua; Ye, Kailong; Du, Jingshan S.; Zhang, Xing; Kim, Daekun; Loukusa, Jeremia; Ma, Lu; Ehrlich, Steven N.; Marinkovic, Nebojsa S.; Yoreo, James J. De; Liu, Fudong.

  2. Oriented Assembly of Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals

    Liu, Lili; Kluherz, Kyle; Jin, Biao; Gamelin, Daniel; De Yoreo, James; Sushko, Maria.

  3. Dirac–Coulomb–Breit Molecular Mean-Field Exact-Two-Component Relativistic Equation-of-Motion Coupled-Cluster Theory

    Zhang, Tianyuan; Banerjee, Samragni; Koulias, Lauren N.; Valeev, Edward F.; DePrince, A. Eugene; Li, Xiaosong

  4. Optical tuning of the diamond Fermi level measured by correlated scanning probe microscopy and quantum defect spectroscopy

    Pederson, Christian; Giridharagopal, Rajiv; Zhao, Fang; Dunham, Scott T.; Raitses, Yevgeny; Ginger, David S.; Fu, Kai-Mei C.


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