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MEM-Seed and iSuperSeed2

In addition to IRG research MEM·C also funds competitive exploratory and multidisciplinary team research.

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Recent Publications

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  1. A high-throughput workflow for the synthesis of CdSe nanocrystals using a sonochemical materials acceleration platform

    Maria Politi, Fabio Baum, Kiran Vaddi, Edwin Antonio, Joshua Vasquez, Brittany P. Bishop, Nadya Peek, Vincent C. Holmberg and Lilo D. Pozzo

  2. Multi-Step Nucleation of a Crystalline Silicate Framework via a Structurally Precise Prenucleation Cluster

    Biao Jin, Ying Chen, Jinhui Tao, Kacper J. Lachowski, Mark E. Bowden, Zihao Zhang, Lilo D. Pozzo, Nancy M. Washton, Karl T. Mueller, James J. De Yoreo

  3. HF-Free synthesis of colloidal Cs2ZrF6 and (NH4)2ZrF6 nanocrystals

    Eden Tzanetopoulos, Julie Schwartz and Daniel R. Gamelin

  4. Nematic fluctuations in an orbital selective superconductor Fe1+yTe1−xSex

    Qianni Jiang, Yue Shi, Morten H. Christensen, Joshua J. Sanchez, Bevin Huang, Zhong Lin, Zhaoyu Liu, Paul Malinowski, Xiaodong Xu, Rafael M. Fernandes & Jiun-Haw Chu