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MEM-Seed and iSuperSeed2

In addition to IRG research MEM·C also funds competitive exploratory and multidisciplinary team research.

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Recent Publications

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  1. Engineering Low Volume Resuscitants for the Prehospital Care of Severe Hemorrhagic Shock

    Pichon, Trey J; Wang, Xu; Mickelson, Ethan E; Huang, Wen-Chia; Hilburg, Shayna L; Stucky, Sarah; Ling, Melissa; St_John, Alexander E; Ringgold, Kristyn M; Snyder, Jessica M; Pozzo, Lilo D; Lu, Maggie; White, Nathan J; Pun, Suzie

  2. Caught in the Act of Substitution: Interadsorbate Effects on an Atomically Precise Fe/Co/Se Nanocluster

    Kephart, Jonathan A; Zhou, Daniel Y; Sandwisch, Jason; Cajiao, Nathalia; Krajewski, Sebastian M; Malinowski, Paul; Chu, Jiun-Haw; Neidig, Michael L; Kaminsky, Werner; Velian, Alexandra

  3. Insights into controlling bacterial cellulose nanofiber film properties through balancing thermodynamic interactions and colloidal dynamics

    Aban Mandal, Kuotian Liao, Hareesh Iyer, Junhao Lin, Xinqi Li, Shuai Zhang, Eleftheria Roumeli

  4. Photo-Crosslinkable Naphthalene Diimide Polymer for Solution-Processed n–i–p Perovskite Solar Cells

    Shi, Yangwei; McCarthy, Declan P.; Lungwitz, Dominique; Jiang, Fangyuan; Taddei, Margherita; Contreras, Hannah; Lin, Yujing; Mohapatra, Aiswarya Abhisek; Tang, Kan; Zhang, Yadong; Barlow, Stephen; Kahn, Antoine; Marder, Seth R.; Ginger, David S.