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Andrea Carroll

Education Director

ChemistryEducationEducation Faculty

UW Chemistry Teaching Professor Andrea Carroll received her B.S. in Chemistry from Creighton and both her M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Washington, having received the Ph.D. for her work on “Development of bead injection methodology for immunoassays” with Professor Jaromir Ruzicka in 2003. She was also a postdoctoral scholar at UW and from there began work in her UW instructor roles. She won the UW Distinguished Teaching Award in 2021 and is a member of the American Chemical Society.

Stefan Stoll

ChemistryIRG 1Research Faculty

Stefan Stoll is a Professor and the Associate Chair of Research in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Washington. The Stoll Research Group's primary focus is advanced Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy, a set of techniques that allows us to measure molecules with unpaired electrons such as organic radicals and transition metal ions and learn about their structure and nano-environment.

Dianne Xiao

ChemistryIRG 1Research Faculty

Dianne Xiao is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. The Xiao research group develops new strategies to control the structure of porous frameworks and dense coordination solids across multiple length scales, from the molecular to the nano-, meso-, and macroscale. In particular, we are interested in how controlling both the local and long range self-assembly and structure of porous materials can lead to enhanced transport properties, new catalytic activity, and novel emergent behavior.

Alexandra Velian

ChemistryIRG 2IRG 2 Co-LeadIRG Leaders

Alexandra Velian is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Research in the Velian group is centered on creating deterministic and modular syntheses for atomically defined nanostructures, with emergent physical and chemical properties. Of special interest are Single Atom Catalysts, designed to tackle the transformation of small molecules that are critical to an environmentally sustainable future.

Xiaosong Li

ChemistryAI CoreEducationExecutive Director of Education and OutreachIRG 1

Xiaosong Li is the Larry R. Dalton Endowed Chair in Chemistry and the Associate Vice Provost for Research Cyberinfrastructure. His research focuses on developing and applying time-dependent relativistic and non-relativistic electronic structure theories for studying excited state chemical processes that underpin energy conversion, photocatalysis, and ultrafast spectroscopies.

James DeYoreo

ChemistryMaterials Science and EngineeringIRG 1Research Faculty

Jim De Yoreo is an Affiliate Professor of Chemistry and of Materials Science and Engineering. Research in the De Yoreo lab focuses on understanding the pathways and dynamics of nucleation, growth, transformation and self-assembly in synthetic, biomolecular, and geochemical environments. Insights into the underlying mechanisms is obtained by using in situ microscopy and spectroscopy tools to directly probe the organization of atomic, molecular and nanoparticle species.

Daniel Gamelin

ChemistryDirectorIRG 1IRG 1 Co-Lead

Daniel Gamelin holds the Nicole A. Boand Endowed Chair in Chemistry at the UW. His research involves the development of new inorganic materials with unusual electronic structures that give rise to desirable photophysical, photochemical, magnetic, or magneto-optical properties. Honors for his work include the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), the ACS Inorganic Lectureship Award, the Dalton Transactions Americas Lectureship Award, the ACS Inorganic Nanoscience Award, and the Debye Chair Professorship at Utrecht University. He is a Fellow of the AAAS and the RSC, a Senior Fellow of the Zukunftskolleg at the University of Konstanz, and an elected member of the Washington State Academy of Sciences.

Brandi Cossairt

ChemistryIRG 1Research Faculty

Brandi Cossairt is a Professor of Chemistry. Research in the Cossairt lab centers on the synthetic inorganic chemistry of solution-phase nanomaterials with emphasis on developing new emitters for energy-efficient LED technologies, absorbers for solar energy harvesting, and catalysts for chemical synthesis and fuels generation.