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Di Xiao

Materials Science and EngineeringIRG 2Research Faculty

The Xiao lab works on theoretical condensed matter physics with applications in energy-efficient quantum electronics and quantum computing. Di's reseach areas focus on developing novel ways to probe and control magnetism in van der Waals materials. He investigates novel phenomena, including transport and optical signatures of topological phases and heterostructure engineering of novel quantum states.

Juan Carlos Idrobo

Materials Science and EngineeringIRG 1IRG 2Research Faculty

Juan Carlos Idrobo is an Associate Professor in the Materials Science & Engineering Department. His research consists in applying analytical techniques in electron spectroscopy within monochromated and aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy to study the structure, electronic, magnetic, thermal, optical and topological properties of materials.

Arthur Barnard

Materials Science and EngineeringPhysicsIRG 2Research Faculty

Arthur Barnard is an Assistant Professor of Physics and Materials Science and Engineering. Arthur's research group is the Classical and Quantum Nano-Systems Lab at the University of Washington. The group uses novel probes to study emergent physical phenomena in nanoscale systems from room temperature down to ~10 mK, focusing on nanomechanical motion and correlated electronic states.

Ting Cao

Materials Science and EngineeringAI CoreIRG 2Research Faculty

Ting Cao is an Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering. Research in the Cao group primary focuses on the electronic structures, excited-state properties, and light-matter interactions of one- and two-dimensional material systems.

Xiaodong Xu

Materials Science and EngineeringPhysicsIRG 2Research Faculty

Xiaodong Xu is Boeing Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Physics, and Department of Materials Science and Engineering at University of Washington. His group is interested in understanding the optical, electronic, and quantum properties of novel solid state nanostructures by device design, optical spectroscopy, electrical transport, and scanning photocurrent microscopy/spectroscopy measurements.

Peter Pauzauskie

Materials Science and EngineeringIRG 1Research Faculty

Since 2010 Prof. Pauzauskie has served as an assistant professor in the Materials Science & Engineering department at the University of Washington. Research in the Pauzauskie lab is focused on the design, synthesis, and experimental characterization of biocompatible nanomaterials for targeted photothermal therapies.

Jihui Yang

Materials Science and EngineeringIRG 2Research Faculty

Jihui Yang is currently the Kyocera Chair Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department.  Jihui’s current research includes materials for solid state energy conversion, electrochemical energy storage, electrocatalysis, and spintronics.  He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

James DeYoreo

ChemistryMaterials Science and EngineeringIRG 1Research Faculty

Jim De Yoreo is an Affiliate Professor of Chemistry and of Materials Science and Engineering. Research in the De Yoreo lab focuses on understanding the pathways and dynamics of nucleation, growth, transformation and self-assembly in synthetic, biomolecular, and geochemical environments. Insights into the underlying mechanisms is obtained by using in situ microscopy and spectroscopy tools to directly probe the organization of atomic, molecular and nanoparticle species.