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Kevin Jamieson

Computer Science and EngineeringAI CoreResearch Faculty

Kevin Jamieson is an Assistant Professor in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at UW and is the Guestrin Endowed Professor in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Kevin's research explores how to leverage already-collected data to inform what future measurements to make next, in a closed loop. Such active learning can extract considerably richer insights than any measurement plan fixed in advance, using the same statistical budget. His work ranges from theory to practical algorithms with guarantees to open-source machine learning systems and has been adopted in a range of applications, including measuring human perception in psychology studies, adaptive A/B/n testing in dynamic web-environments, numerical optimization, and choosing hyperparameters for deep neural networks.

Di Xiao

Materials Science and EngineeringIRG 2Research Faculty

The Xiao lab works on theoretical condensed matter physics with applications in energy-efficient quantum electronics and quantum computing. Di's reseach areas focus on developing novel ways to probe and control magnetism in van der Waals materials. He investigates novel phenomena, including transport and optical signatures of topological phases and heterostructure engineering of novel quantum states.

Serena Eley

Electrical EngineeringIRG 2Research Faculty

In the Eley Quantum Materials Group, Eley researches the role of disorder on electronic and magnetic properties of quantum materials and devices, including the vortex-defect interactions in superconductors, skyrmion-defect interactions in magnetic materials, and the effects of material microstructure on energy loss in superconducting circuits.

Juan Carlos Idrobo

Materials Science and EngineeringIRG 1IRG 2Research Faculty

Juan Carlos Idrobo is an Associate Professor in the Materials Science & Engineering Department. His research consists in applying analytical techniques in electron spectroscopy within monochromated and aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy to study the structure, electronic, magnetic, thermal, optical and topological properties of materials.

Stefan Stoll

ChemistryIRG 1Research Faculty

Stefan Stoll is a Professor and the Associate Chair of Research in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Washington. The Stoll Research Group's primary focus is advanced Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy, a set of techniques that allows us to measure molecules with unpaired electrons such as organic radicals and transition metal ions and learn about their structure and nano-environment.

Arthur Barnard

Materials Science and EngineeringPhysicsIRG 2Research Faculty

Arthur Barnard is an Assistant Professor of Physics and Materials Science and Engineering. Arthur's research group is the Classical and Quantum Nano-Systems Lab at the University of Washington. The group uses novel probes to study emergent physical phenomena in nanoscale systems from room temperature down to ~10 mK, focusing on nanomechanical motion and correlated electronic states.

Dianne Xiao

ChemistryIRG 1Research Faculty

Dianne Xiao is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. The Xiao research group develops new strategies to control the structure of porous frameworks and dense coordination solids across multiple length scales, from the molecular to the nano-, meso-, and macroscale. In particular, we are interested in how controlling both the local and long range self-assembly and structure of porous materials can lead to enhanced transport properties, new catalytic activity, and novel emergent behavior.

Ting Cao

Materials Science and EngineeringAI CoreIRG 2Research Faculty

Ting Cao is an Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering. Research in the Cao group primary focuses on the electronic structures, excited-state properties, and light-matter interactions of one- and two-dimensional material systems.

Mo Li

Electrical EngineeringPhysicsIRG 2Research Faculty

Mo Li is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Physics. Research in Li lab focuses on integrated and quantum photonic systems, optoelectronic devices and materials, optomechanics, NEMS/MEMS, and spintronics.

Matthew Yankowitz

PhysicsIRG 2Research Faculty

Matt Yankowitz is an Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Washington, with a joint appointment in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Research in his group focuses on the investigation of topology, correlations, magnetism, and symmetry in two-dimensional quantum materials. His group primarily characterizes atomically-thin van der Waals materials and heterostructures using a combination of electrical transport and scanning probe microscopy.