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Lilo Pozzo

Chemical EngineeringAI CoreResearch Faculty

Lilo Pozzo is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington. Research in the Pozzo laboratory focuses on understanding, manipulating and controlling structure and properties of soft materials including polymers, colloids and nanomaterials. The Pozzo laboratory develops and applies advanced scattering techniques (x-ray, light and neutrons) as well as high-throughput experimentation and data-science enabled materials research tools to unravel the fundamental relationships that exist between structure and properties for soft matter systems of relevance to numerous engineering applications.

Xiaodong Xu

Materials Science and EngineeringPhysicsIRG 2Research Faculty

Xiaodong Xu is Boeing Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Physics, and Department of Materials Science and Engineering at University of Washington. His group is interested in understanding the optical, electronic, and quantum properties of novel solid state nanostructures by device design, optical spectroscopy, electrical transport, and scanning photocurrent microscopy/spectroscopy measurements.

Scott Dunham

Electrical EngineeringAI CoreIRG 1Research Faculty

Professor Scott Dunham, EE Dept., University of Washington .The Nanotechnology Modeling Lab at the University of Washington is part of the Electrical Engineering Department in the College of Engineering. The efforts within the Lab are focused on obtaining basic understanding of nanofabrication processes and device operation, applying that knowledge to produce better models, simulators and devices. Research within the Lab includes model development for process simulation, application of a wide range of simulation and modeling tools for device design and optimization, and experimental studies of device fabrication.

Peter Pauzauskie

Materials Science and EngineeringIRG 1Research Faculty

Since 2010 Prof. Pauzauskie has served as an assistant professor in the Materials Science & Engineering department at the University of Washington. Research in the Pauzauskie lab is focused on the design, synthesis, and experimental characterization of biocompatible nanomaterials for targeted photothermal therapies.

Jihui Yang

Materials Science and EngineeringIRG 2Research Faculty

Jihui Yang is currently the Kyocera Chair Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department.  Jihui’s current research includes materials for solid state energy conversion, electrochemical energy storage, electrocatalysis, and spintronics.  He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

James DeYoreo

ChemistryMaterials Science and EngineeringIRG 1Research Faculty

Jim De Yoreo is an Affiliate Professor of Chemistry and of Materials Science and Engineering. Research in the De Yoreo lab focuses on understanding the pathways and dynamics of nucleation, growth, transformation and self-assembly in synthetic, biomolecular, and geochemical environments. Insights into the underlying mechanisms is obtained by using in situ microscopy and spectroscopy tools to directly probe the organization of atomic, molecular and nanoparticle species.

Brandi Cossairt

ChemistryIRG 1Research Faculty

Brandi Cossairt is a Professor of Chemistry. Research in the Cossairt lab centers on the synthetic inorganic chemistry of solution-phase nanomaterials with emphasis on developing new emitters for energy-efficient LED technologies, absorbers for solar energy harvesting, and catalysts for chemical synthesis and fuels generation.