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CEM Discover SP Microwave synthesizer

The Discover SP Microwave synthesizer (CEM) allows for rapid heating of solvents up to 300 °C and pressures up to 300 psi. Reaction vessels can be prepared in a glovebox and will maintain inert environment while capped allowing for air free synthesis. Reaction conditions are monitored over time through software and can be saved for comparison between syntheses. Reactions are rapidly cooled down following synthesis by flowing compressed air around the reaction vessel. The system is also equipped with an autosampler accessory that enables automatic handling of reaction vessels allowing for different experiments to be programmed and performed automatically.


  • Large, single-mode microwave cavity (uses glassware up to 35 mL, pressurized; 125 mL, open vessel round bottom flask) Activent® vent and re-seal technology allows for safe handling of over-pressurization
  • Highly accurate infrared temperature control for reliable data
  • Variable-speed magnetic stirring
  • Rapid compressed air cooling for quick cool-downs

NanoES G61

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