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MEM-C Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Scholars

Get Involved!

Active MEM-C Membership

Being an “active MEM-C member” means any combination of the following:

  • Serve as an REU/RET mentor during the academic year
  • Serve as a MSF superuser
  • Volunteer for 3 outreach events at local K-12 schools and/or 2-yr colleges
  • Coordinate/facilitate Center meetings
  • Serve on the MEM-C Education and Diversity Committee
  • Volunteer to lead the summer REU/RET journal club
  • Volunteer to serve as a summer REU/RET mentor
  • Volunteer to instruct at NanoCamp
  • Offer to help with MEM-C website & social media support
  • Pitch your own idea for Center involvement to MEM-C leadership! For example, MEM-C graduate students have identified and organized their own outreach interests in the past (like the 2023 MEM-C Day)

Want more info to activate your member status?

  1. Contact Andrea Carroll ([email protected]) if you are interested in or have questions about helping with REU/RET programs, NanoCamp, outreach activities, and/or monthly lunches.
  2. Contact Kelly Olenyik ([email protected]) if you are interested in or have questions about the website work or serving as a shared facility superuser.

IRG Bi-Weekly Meetings

IRG-1 meets bi-weekly on Thursdays and IRG-2 meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays. Meetings include student presentations and research discussions. Details about the meetings are available on the MEM-C SharePoint and are emailed to participating IRG faculty, postdocs and students.

Monthly Luncheons

Every month MEM-C hosts a lucheon for all participating students and postdocs. These lunches are primarily community building among graduate students and postdocs both within and between the IRGs.  We have several research groups new to MEM-C and many people new to UW as we kick off a new academic year and new MEM-C award. Details about the meeting are emailed to participating postdocs and students.

Travel Stipends

Graduate students and postdocs with active MEM-C memberships are eligible to apply for travel fellowships to support their MEM-C-supported research. Specifically, the MEM-C travel fellowship pays a max of 50% of travel costs up to $1,000. Travel costs can include: airfare, ground transportation, luggage, per diem, registration, and lodging.

How to request MEM-C travel fellowships:

  1. Be an active MEM-C member (details above)
  2. Plan travel to present/conduct MEM-C research
  3. Get approval from your PI to request travel funds
  4. Email Kelly Olenyik ([email protected]) and cc your PI with the request
  5. Once Kelly has the necessary information for Points 1-3 above, she’ll send the informaiton to the MEM-C Education Directors for final approval

MEM-C Worktag Information

Students and postdocs who need information about MEM-C worktags for materials, supplies, or equipment fees should first contact their PI for details. If there are additional questions, contact Kelly ([email protected]). Reimbursements are most easily processed through the UW Department of Chemistry’s reimbursement portal.