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Summer 2022 Nanocamps with UW Youth & Teen Programs


Back by popular demand, MEM·C is partnering with UW Youth & Teen Programs this summer to offer 2 NanoCamps ! Aug 8–Aug 19, 2022Aug 8–Aug 19, 2022

The courses are for incoming sixth to eighth graders and will be taught in person be MEM·C’s 2022 RET Caitlin Chamberlin on campus at UW Seattle.

Registration details and more information here

Course description: Immerse yourself in the tiny world of nanotechnology, the manipulation of materials on the atomic and molecular level. This groundbreaking technology has applications in chemistry, biology, physics, materials science and engineering. In this course, you’ll investigate the power of nanotechnology by exploring new materials and building models to examine the way matter behaves when it’s 1/1,000th the size of a human hair! Talk with actual nanoscientists and nanoengineers, and possibly take a tour of the University of Washington’s Molecular Engineering Materials Center (UW MEM·C). Practice lab techniques with hands-on demos to understand and characterize unique nanomaterials, then present your findings and your experience with the scientific method to the rest of the class. 

Here’s a SNEAK PEAK of the curriculum!